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      We mainly produce 600×600×20 Forming Sizing Mill Units which are made of roller forming principle and the high frequency welding, we can continuously produce large size steel pipe.600×600×20 product fills the domestic gap, creates the domestic large size of cold bending square rectangle tube production. The unit was made of forming, welding guide, Five roller extrusion, double-station weld scraper, grinding roller, sizing, transmission and cooling.

      Its characteristics:

      1. Large and small edge molding, using online electric adjustment, when changing product specifications, roller on the horizontal axis axial movement, do not need to replace the roller.

      2 “directly into the square” process adopts the world's most advanced multi-point preflex composite molding process. Composite roll,  forming period of roll designed according to principle: the arc length turn to be radius. A set of roll can produce  square tube 100×100∽600×600, rectangular tube100∽600, the thickness of 6 to 20 mm which all products within the scope can share, it can be cut down the cost of roller and roller change time

      3 forming section adopts down forming method, which can effectively reduce the tensile deformation of edge, benefit for the production of the thin-wall tube, ensure the quality of the product.

      4 units in the design of tunnel  increased 2 independent rollers in the bottom, which can reduce the scratch and roller abrasion, fast and quick and easy to adjust.

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      Address: No.1 Huaye Road, Dongbang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.    P.C: 215534
      Tel: +86-512-51928332    Fax: +86-512-51928332    Mobile: 13732609130